Socio – Cultural

Dr. Menon has taken time out of his precious business schedule to pioneer many events in the cultural arena. His efforts to uplift the traditional artists of Kerala Temple Arts is remarkable.

A. Honorary member of Rotary Club, Thrissur:He is a proactive member of the Rotary Club, Thrissur, which is a part of Global Rotary Movement.
B. Patron: Bharathan Foundation:
Bharathan Foundation is founded in the memory of the great film director Bharathan. It is a noted cultural organization in Central Kerala. The organization honors notable contributors in the field of cinema, and holds mass cinematic exhibitions.
C. President of the Kerala State Elephant Owner’s Co-operative Society, controlled by Govt.of Kerala
Kerala State Elephant Owner’s Society is a unique body which addresses the issues of domesticated elephants in Kerala. Dr. Menon was instrumental in the concept of an elephant recovery ambulance system which was a step towards modernization of elephant care in Kerala. He actively involves himself in the welfare works of elephant owners and Mahouts.
D. Patron of “Piano”A society of talented artists which was formed in the memory of their colleagues. It annually hosts a National Music Festival in the Cultural Capital of Kerala.
E. Patron of Bharatham FoundationAn organization dedicated to promote talented artists who are financially backward
F. Patron of Jaycee FoundationFounder-Partner of Sree Narayana Educational Trust School, Thrissur, Kerala
G. Founder-Partner of Sree Narayana Educational Trust School, Thrissur, Kerala
H. Patron of the “Thalam Cultural Trust”
Thrissur is the Cultural Hub of Kerala. ‘Thalam’, hosts cultural shows every month and is comprised of about 250 members whose earnestness keeps the organization going.
I. Patron of Kathakali Club; ThrissurIt is an effort to promote the traditional Keralite art known as ‘Kathakali’ , which is popular throughout the world.
J. Patron of VIBGYORAn International film fraternity which conducts celebrated film festivals every year , with the declaration of several awards.
K. Chief Patron of Thrissur Arts societyDr. Menon is the Chairman of the Thrissur Arts Society which is a society for integrating drama forms. He recently had organized a 12-day event of drama at Thrissur through this renowned society.
L. Patron of Thrissur District LibraryHere, Dr. Sundar Menon plays key role in the preservation and administering of momentous literary works .
M. Patron of Sakthan Thampuran Lions Club
N. Patron of Thrissur District Badminton Player’s Welfare Association
O. Patron of the Kerala Temple Heritage and Elephant Protection forumAssociation formed to coordinate various forums involved in the coordination of temple festivals and elephant protection in the state of Kerala.
P. Life member Banerji Memorial Club Thrissur
Q. Life member N S S Karayogam Thrissur
R. Life Member of Trichur Management Association
S.Patron of Padma Bhushan Kuzhur Narayana Marar Foundation
T. Patron of Annamanada Achutha Marar SmarakaVidya Kalakendram.
U. Chief Patron Kerala State Elephant Owners Federation.
V. Chief Patron Of Sree Sai Vidya Peethom, Mangattukkara