Social Works

A Philanthropist in spirit, Dr. Menon is active in contributing to the social and educational welfare of human beings. Presently, he runs the Sun Charitable Trust which symbolizes his social service goals. The objectives of this Trust reflect his strong social commitments. It provides help to the poor and disabled sections of the society. Moreover he has donated life saving equipments such as ventilators and Dialysis Units to government Medical Colleges and other Charitable Institutions for supporting the poor patients in critical care. The following are a few of his roles in charitable undertakings :

1Patron of Pain and Palliative Care Society, Thrissur
which provides total support to cancer and renal failure patients.
2Patron of Autism Society, Thrissur
which is a registered charitable organization of parents and well-wishers of autistic persons.
3Patron of ‘Alpha Pain Clinic’; Kerala, .
which aims at improving the quality of life of several underprivileged individuals.
4President ‘Alpha Support Council’; Thrissur, Kerala (Alpha Pain Clinic)
5 Honorary Director: Jubilee Mission Medical College and Hospital, Thrissur
which is a multi specialty hospital with charitable mission.
6Patron of “Manassu” Charitable Trust,
which provides financial and rehabilitative aids to the impoverished.
7Patron of All India Handicapped Association
8Patron of Paulo Foundation which is a Renal and Kidney Welfare Foundation for the poor
9Founder Member: Indian Community Benevolent Fund, Qatar
From its inception; the organization has been undertaking the task of providing support and solace to the needy and underprivileged expatriate Indians in Qatar; which includes Financial Assistance, Medical Assistance, Helping Bereaved Dependents of people who lose their lives in Qatar, etc.
10 Trustee: Sreevalsam Educational Trust, .
Director of this trust which is in the process of establishing a hospital and medical college in Edappal.
11Associate of Association for Mentally Handicapped Adults, .
It is an organization which lends its hand to support the mentally challenged adults. It provides them with domiciliary care and rehabilitation.
12 Patron of Santhi Medical Information Centre:, .
The Sun Charitable Trust, Dr Menon’s own Trust, has joined hands with Santhi Medical Information Centre on a tribal project in Attapadi for the uplifting of the indigenous population. It is concerned with activities like the supply of proper nourishment to tribes, establishing napkin making units to create employment opportunities and the provision of basic infrastructures like clean toilets. Moreover, efforts are being made to augment the amenities present at 20 “One Teacher Tribal Schools” run by the government. There are tribal’s bordering at around 30000 spread over 192 hamlets in the Attapadi Hill area of Palakkad District.
13Chief patron of Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission Trust:, .
which is also running a hospital and few schools in the Attapady area.
14He has also involved himself, .
in the service of rehabilitating destitute, homeless widows, by constructing homes for them and attending to their medical needs
15Inspired by the sublime “SWACHH BHARAT MISSION”, .
of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, he has sponsored a powerful incinerator in his home town of Thrissur - The Cultural Capital of Kerala –a unique move introduced for the first time in South India.
16Green Revolution, .
Hand in hand with activists of the “Green Revolution”, he has played a predominant role in planting flora in several areas of his home town Thrissur Kerala.
17Patron of Sai Nikethan-Charitable Trust., .
The charitable trust runs old age homes, provides educational assistance to the poor student’s up to 10th standard and conducts an adoption centre; which is legally involved in handing over orphan children to the needy couples.

Dr. Menon is sincerely occupied in the construction of a modern old age home for inmates of - Sai Nikethan.
18Patron of Kerala Kshethra Vadhya Kala Academy, .
An academy mainly meant for supporting and promoting budding students of temple arts who are either disabled or impoversidhed.
19Patron of ISRA : Institute of Social Research & Action, .
ISRA is a non-governmental organization focused on resolving issues affecting urban and rural civil societies through promotion of humanism while providing voluntary services for women empowerment & awareness, science & technology awareness, creation job opportunities and educational facilities.
20Patron of ‘Mumbai Pooram Foundation Charitable Trust’, .
A registered charitable trust committed to the upliftment of art and culture as well as the general well-being of the society.
21Patron of SWARAM, .
A Society for the and assistance Artistes and Musicians in Kerala State.
22Patron of ‘Suvitam Foundation’:, .
It is Charitable Trust formed in 2003 to undertake Humanitarian Services amongst the most poor.
23 Patron of Guruvayoorappan Sangeerthana Trust,
a charitable organization at Guruvayoor, Kerala